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Riding in the Rain

Here in Arizona, riding in the rain can change the terrain pretty drastically. The normally dry wash beds become raging streams. If you're from the desert this is the perfect time to get out and play in the mud! Done safely, your adventure should be full of smiles and giggles.To ensure a fantastic time I'd like to provide a couple tips.

  • Prepare for maximum wetness

  • Wear a helmet and goggles to prevent the rain from pelting you in the face

  • Layer up from head to toe

  • bring extra clothes for the ride home

  • Bag all snacks in a waterproof container

  • Wear gloves because wet hands make for a cold body

  • Never cross water taller than the bottom of your machine

  • Wait for the water level to lower by placing a stick in the ground and wait for it to recede

  • Enjoy the wet smells of the desert!

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